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14th August 2018 Wheat harvest finished a couple of days ago and we are now starting to drill our oilseed rape... Cultivating goes on all the while in the fields that we are not direct drilling, and the cows are still eating through their winter hay supply although the brief fall of rain has produced a bit more green - not enough to keep them going!

25th July 2018  With this exceptionally long dry spell we have now combined all of our oilseed rape, and the wheat is in full swing, which is pretty early!  On the down side the lack of rain means the grass hasn't been growing and there is very little grazing for the cattle now (extraordinary to remember that just a few months ago it was too wet to turn them out!), so the hay we made at the start of the dry spell ready for their winter feed is already being fed to them.  That is likely to cause a shortage this winter so straw is in high demand as feed and we are baling a lot, although we hope to have plenty left to return to the soil which needs feeding too!  So what with combining, grain carting, baling, bale carting and cultivating as soon as the bales have been shifted, it's a pretty frantic time on the farm!


Our spelt flour, rapeseed oil and greetings cards are now in stock in farm shops around Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire. 

See our Shop/Stockists page for where to buy, or contact us to place an order.

We are also very proud to supply flour to Hambleton Bakery, Noa Bakehouse Isle of Man, The Garage Bakery Market Harborough and The Royal Oak in Long Whatton for use in their scrummy bread and bakes.


And if you would like to see what's been going on in pictures, here's the latest from our Instagram feed...

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